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Box Gallery was an experimental gallery space inside a 6" x 6" x 6" cardboard box. Artists were invited to create new work that responded to the unique constraints of the space. As a miniature curatorial project, Box Gallery contributed to the vibrant artist-run space scene in Chicago, following in the footsteps of Meg Duguid's Clutch Gallery and inspiring similar experiments such as Point 1612.

The gallery held monthly exhibitions from 2014-2019, with joint openings at Terrain Exhibitions, The Franklin, and Compound Yellow.

October 2019
Jonathan Korotko
December 2018
John Harness
May 2018
Tom Burtonwood
March 2018
Gabrielle Egnater
February 2018
Madeleine Aguilar
December 2017
Luis Mejico
November 2017
Anna Fredrick
June 2017
Lisa Wicka
April 2017
Jacklyn Brickman
January 2017
Daniel Fromberg
November 2016
Dave Swenson
May 2016
Steve Juras
October 2015
Reade Wildman
August 2015
Erin Smego
May 2015
Lindsey French
April 2015
Kelman Duran
March 2015
Krissy Wilson
February 2015
Klaus Pinter
January 2015
Alejandro Franco
November 2014