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Jessica Bingham
Jessica Bingham
June 2016

Notes We Wrote is a series of collections and memories from my childhood including dirt, handwritten notes, and a handmade tool. The dirt within the box comes from three locations: (1) my childhood home; (2) my best friends childhood home; and (3) the cemetery from which we lived across from. These three places collectively mark the “playground” of my childhood. Buried within the dirt are four notes, two from me to my friend and two from my friend to me; they are misspelled, awkward, and innocent. The notes have been replicated, as I do not want to risk ruining the originals. The pink and violet handmade tool rests outside the box, waiting for curious viewers to dig up the notes to read.

​Returning to that home, as a visitor, was a rather emotional experience. I was flooded with bittersweet memories as I dug into the earth of my childhood.

– Jessica Bingham