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Erin Smego
Erin Smego
May 2015

I am a sculptor. I work with plaster, cement, and paper mache. I draw ideas from people's personalities and emotions, including my own, pouring all of myself into each piece. Curiosity lies in what really makes people tick - how people act, react and why - and then attempting to channel this energy into a piece. Subjects I engage in include: persistence, awkwardness, peculiarity, embarrassment, embracing, gripping, falling (apart), giving, isolation, separation, emptiness, hyper-optimism, and sadness. Elements of playfulness sometimes appear, and color (or lack of) is used to reflect emotion.

The idea of form and simultaneously formless drives my intrigue as well as hints of honoring impermanence, imperfection, and vulnerability. Attempts at invention are ongoing; experimentation plays an active role in my studio practice. Paintings are thought of as less dimensional sculptures that are flattened, while installations are ideas expanded.

Industrial materials are utilized to connect to the viewer as a nod to accessibility.